Roadside Picnic

BankART AIR open studio/Yokohama/2019

Minato Mirai's development has accelerated towards the 2020 time-mark. One of the remaining sizable available land sites is surrounded by newly erected buildings or constructions in planning. In the midst of this vacant lot, I have installed a 1.8m square white boxed structure resembling the proportions of a teahouse. This box houses a huge pinhole camera equipped with a 6mmφ hole made in the wall. Through this small hole and onto the back wall, a series of images projects revealing the buildings under construction, they vacant lots overgrown with weeds, and pedestrians commuting across this temporary passage. For the duration of 'open studio', I have arranged guided tours for a total of 120 visitors through this vacant lot and into the interior of my pinhole camera. The pinhole photo from this box produced a viable 1.6m x 1.0m print.